Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bitter or Better?

I was talking to dad this morning. Called him to ask him how was his medical check up. Realised he was a little depressed as he said the doctors told him not too good news like his urine colour is no good=infection and he may need another op was the urologist's opinion but the surgeon that has operated on him, how many times? i lost count advises no unless it is a life or death situation.

So i shared with dad.

Frankly, the doctors that see Jere also hardly ever had anything good to say especially the paed surgeon or is she the urologist? If she ever had anything good to say, she'll put it in a really dark way.... like "YOU ARE VERY LUCKY HIS KIDNEYS ARE STILL INTACT!" so i tell myself take it which way positively and thank the Lord Jere's kidneys are intact and be HAPPY and praise HIM! or be bitter about how the dr put it and brood about it thinking why should they not be intact??? of coz i choose the former and keep trusting in Him. A friend asked "can the drs be more positive & encouraging??" jokingly i replied ... "no lor... these doctors all come from ONE KINDA SCHOOL.COLD MEDICAL SCHOOL." akin to the surgical instruments waiting in the cold operating theatre...DEVOID OF FEELINGS... just there to CUT... ok jokes aside... like in every trade, there's the good and the not too good... well, who am i to judge? I've met with GREAT WONDERFUL FEELING DOCTORS that i must say and one of those that i truly respect is the one that operated on Jere's first day of life and saved Jere's life. ok let's put it this way these doctors don't mean to cut... whether it's via their operating tools or the words from their mouth. Well, didn't all these doctors all started with a passion? A burning desire to save and help mankind? No? I'm sure they did. i guess more like it they've seen so much that they try not to have any emotional ties to any patient otherwise when something happens, it will upset them big time too. I'm sure they have feelings too. I'm sure they hurt as well when anything untoward happens to any of their patients. Though sometimes for my urologist... i don't know... i seem to think that maybe she's seen too many patients that she does not realise how much her words can impact people or she's just immuned to the terms? okok.. whatever... I thank God that He is always with me so i am not so much afraid, so to speak for I know He goes before me always and all I've to do is just to trust HIM and follow Him. Yeah... it's ok
all that's important is i know

My Lord loves me
and oh.. the wonders I see.
The rainbow shines in my window
My Lord loves me

and yes, my Lord loves me :) and Jere and you daddy.

This post is to remind myself who makes the decisions for little Jere and to you daddy that we just gotta trust in the Lord for He loves us and has plans for us. Plans to prosper. Not to destroy. Many a times, i would think we try to outsmart God don't we? We try to intervene in His plans. I think sometimes with all these modern technology and medicine, sometimes, well sometimes, i am not saying the modern technology and medicines did not save lives and of coz we gotta give it credit for the many lives saved but it sure took lotsa lives too especially with all the abortions that take place all the times. Did we even give these foetuses a chance?

Well, of coz modern technology has saved little Jere's life too right from the start and I thank God for it for i understood from the doctors that in the 70's babies born of this defect are just left to catch meningitis and die.

God bless all the souls of these babies that are born and return to the Lord due to some defect and of those aborted and take them all to heaven. AMEN.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Blessed Sunday

Two big celebrations in line today.
1. Jit and San's wedding
2. Eileen's Jeremy 1st birthday which reminds me to start working on my dear Jeremiah's birthday preparation.

It's a blessed blessed weekend with all the weddings and celebrations

We brought the whole gang to Jit and San's wedding at The Four Seasons. Nat is a big boy now sitting a seat by himself and enjoying all the food. He's been to so many weddings that i've lost count. All of Tim's friends are married now. On my side, there's still some....Jere was so attracted to Jeremy, Tim's friend, Cindy's hubby, ethan's daddy. I don't know it's Jeremy or his orange shirt but Jere kept flying to Jeremy to be carried. or maybe Jere knows they share the same name :)and Jeremy and Cindy also have been constantly praying for jere since his birth.

After all the weddings, it's all the baby showers and birthday parties....

It's the second wedding lunch that Jere attended. We dressed him in a little Polo Ralph shirt and jeans handed down from nat's time but he sure looked so so cute that Ros called him "MY LITTLE SIR". The first wedding that Jere attended was of coz his fairly oddparents (oops! i mean fairy godparents.... occupational hazard la... there's this programme Fairly Oddparents in the channel i work... haha) Karen and Chris where Korkor Nat was the ring bearer :) Karen and Chris, we hardly ever see them coz they are in Aussie but Nat and Jere is always in their hearts, minds and prayers :) We are planning... yes we are planning... but no blueprint in sight :P to go up and bunk in with Karen and Chris before they move back here. This will also depend if the Yee yee (my sis) and Yee Cheong (Bro in Law) will go too... then we will use Tim's mileage from flying to redeem some air tickets, hopefully...hhmmmm do i smell a holiday in sight? Frankly, we are a little burnt out but juz gotta hang in there :) Maybe we should start with the church retreat :)
Anyway, i brought Jere porridge and fed him some during the first dish. After that he was a little restless so i brought him out and Ros put him to his nap. He slept for a whole good two hours and woke when we finished our lunch. How timely :) He woke to stare at the gorgeous bride and say bye to all of Tim's friends.

We then headed home for a quick shower and fed Jere his dinner and antibiotics before we headed for Jeremy's 1st birthday party at one of the ECs at Yishun. Thank goodness it was nearby but anyhow Nat was so tired that he slept on the way there. Sure no joke when you got kids and adults programme all lined up for the day. Tim was kinda grumpy as he was tired. The kids enjoyed the birthday party... esp Nat of coz as he is already at that age where he can really appreciate blowing of candles, balloons and friends. Jere on the other hand kept screaming for the fried rice that i was having when i let him have a taste of some. Jere knows Godma now and always want Godma to carry. Nat went home with 4 BIG balloons that Morgan, Jeremy's daddy gave believing that if he held the balloons all nicely together, he could just fly up to the sky like Mary Poppins and her umbrella.

Thank you Lord for the many blessings on us all.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our crazy Saturday

Started with morning physiotherapy with S at KKH. Jere was in an ok mood this time. Usually he cries throughout the sessions and this is the 3rd time only we are doing physio at KKH. See how far apart our appointments are. This time he was trying to pull the hair off the arms of the physiotherapist :P He's an Indian and quite hairy. Thank goodness he was really patient and nice :P

After that, the boys went to kopitiam to have a bite while i made a run to the step down childrens unit to visit little Zoe who's coming 6 months and had a heart surgery last week. She was looking good. Praise God. I carried her and fed her her milk. She's such an angel.

Then we rushed to the 11am novena. After which Tim dropped me at Hyatt to attend Avril's wedding while he brought the boys home for their lunch and a short rest before heading for healing mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) at 3pm.

I rushed down to IHM to meet them for the mass. After that there was a reception and Jere enjoyed the band playing for the elderly who attended the healing mass. Jere was happy clapping his hands to the music and the aunties all passed Jere all around.

While i was at the tea reception following the healing mass, thoughts came back to me of being there a year ago when i was pregnant with Jere. Then i thought.... it could have been worst.... and I thank God for blessing Jere and keeping Jere protected.

People were wondering why Jere was wearing a name tag as only those were to be annointed had name tags. Most of them were the elderly and Jere was just a little baby. I had to explain to some but i guess that's how God's name is to be praised :)

Basically, we were there coz the aunties at IHM visited Dad to give him holy communion weekly. The aunties then gotta know Jere and his condition and thus asked us to bring him along to be annointed.

Towards the end when everyone was leaving, i was talking to one of the aunties when we saw someone pushing a really old lady towards us. I thought the lady was coming to the aunty i was speaking to but the lady was actually pushed up to come and hold jere and kiss jere. how sweet yeah? She was so frail... she could not even push her own wheelchair. someone else wheeled her over. she came over and went, "BABY...." No wonder my dad always says... you can be a billionaire but you can't buy a sweet little smile from a little child :) it's priceless. Jere smiled at the lady and she was sure very happy :) before she left.

Jere is such a blessed child. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.
The familiar words of the hymn just comes to mind....

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Results of the ultrasound

Yes, Thank you all for keeping Jeremiah protected with your prayers.
The ultrasound shows the kidneys are growing fine. Praise the Lord! Thank you God!

Dr Y seems to find it hard to believe and keep telling me how lucky we are but i think the fact is we are blessed, protected and kept by our good Lord!

This time, the report also shows thickening of the bladder but there is no numerical values attached to it. The last ultrasound 25th Jan showed the bladder walls measured 4mm in thickness. I asked Dr Y to find out the thickness so at least we will know what trend is it going. Well, it could be 3mm or 2mm or even 1mm right?

Lord, please normalise the bladder walls.

And of coz again, dear Dr Y asks to do Clean Intermittent Catheter (CIC) some i dunno what vasectomy????... some punching of hole to release the urine which all i disagree coz the word itself is intrusive invasive and the dunno what ....tomy is irreversible! why i wanna do such??? and also CIRCUMCISION! ok this i may consider for the hygiene and what not purpose. but i think i may delay coz he's had too much GA for this year....

Let's unite in prayer and pray that the Lord continue to heal Jere and keep and protect Jere. that the nerves affected in the open neural tube defect be restored and his bladder functions bowel movement and his sensation hips down and legs and all will be restored to perfect health! Amen!

Brand New Tuesday!

Jere woke up nice and cheerful with no fever! Praise God! Thank you Lord!

Please pray for positively good results later at ultrasound. Scheduled at 1150 hr and to see urologist at 1535hr. Another long day at KKH. It will be a fruitful one where we can proclaim His glory!

It's a great day to praise the Lord
It's a great day to praise the Lord
It's a great day to praise the Lord
Walking in the light of the Lord

Walk, walk, walk, walk in the light
Walk, walk, walk, walk in the light
Walk, walk, walk, walk in the light
Walking in the light the Lord

If you are into guitar, here's the chords :)
It's a great thing to praise the Lord
It's a great thing to praise the Lord
C#m F#m
It's a great thing to praise the Lord
B B7 E
Walking in the light of the Lord.

Walk walk walk walk in the light
Walk walk walk walk in the light
C#m F#m
Walk walk walk walk in the light
B B7 E
Walking in the light of the Lord.

It's a great thing to love the Lord...
It's a great thing to serve the Lord..

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday baby blues!

Went home from work only to see Jere has bitten his toe yet again! and the fever was back to 38.3


Jere's going to have ultrasound of his bladder and kidney at 1150AM, 22nd MAY,2007. Please pray that his kidneys are growing nicely and his bladder functions to be good. Amen.

Then he will have his review at 1535 by Dr Y. Please pray that Dr Y will be pleasantly surprised by the good results of the ultrasound. AMEN! Lord, guide Dr Y heart and mind that she will manage Jere with utmost care. AMEN!


Fever's Gone!

I just posted something like that 2 weeks ago. Gosh! Thank God it's gone! Praise the Lord. It went up all the way to 38.8 on sat. I really hate all these fevers and the baby being sick coz the aftermath is me totally zombified!
THank you Lord for banning the fever and Lord, protect Jeremiah and keep him safe and protect him against all infections. Amen!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fever AGAIN!

Just learnt from Ros that Jere woke from his nap at 6 plus in the evening with a temperature. Ros administered Dhamol. Jere sounded congested in the chest last night as i slept with him and has been coughing for a while on and off. Is it the air???? The brother Nat and me are having the cough too. So bad to the extent that the husband tells me i am coughing too much and he cant sleep :P Nat had a fever last night too but thank you Lord it went off this morning. Did Jere get the bug from Nat? Please all pray for the fever to go and his cough and congested chest to clear. Amen!

Lord ban the fever away from Jere and restore Jere to perfect health. AMEN!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Celebrate or Not?

In another 6 weeks, little Jeremiah will be ONE!

Tim and I have been discussing to celebrate or not and how to celebrate if we wanna celebrate?

On one hand I am thinking we should celebrate coz we have come through so much in this one year and we should celebrate the life God has given Jere so abundantly and how God has been with us!

On the other hand, whenever we talk bout celebrations, it scares me. Celebrations almost equates to spending money. The thoughts of the costs that we will incur scares me....the thought of expenses.... money is always at the back of my mind with Jere's medical expenses, therapy, alternative treatment, etc and he's got no insurance as birth defect babies can never be covered, not even the education plan.

Then suddenly this line struck me.... from where really i can't recall but it goes this way....

I will celebrate! Sing unto the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Did you forget your mum?

Some of us so busy with our children that sometimes we may have forgotten our mum after being mums ourselves.

No, I didn't forget her but did not spend as much a time as she and I would have loved to together.

My mum said in advance that she would be busy on Sunday for some procession for Mother's Day in church so i decided to go by late Saturday night as she's usually busy with church and what nots on Saturday as well. So after i put the children to bed, i spinned by her place to give her a small bunch of carnations and a small little handbag with a small little token inside to go buy what she like...
yes... everything small... but BIG LOVE can come in small little ways :)

Mum, though i hardly ever say it,
Here's wishing you a Happy Mother's Day once again!

Happy Mother's Day! - Part 2

Heh... it's a happy happy weekend for mothers isn't it?

Sunday, we brought Nat to Calvary Baptist Church for a performance. Nat was supposed to perform the Jericho dance as one of the items for Mother's Day in that church, his kindy.

Nat's item was the first. Jere sure enjoyed watching Korkor perform. Jere was clapping his hands and watching the performance with eyes fixed. Jere enjoyed all the other items too!

After the service, we were invited to join the reception at the hall. Tim as usual wanted to escape but I guess God said to stay as he sent forth the downpour so we were all trapped in the church premises as Tim parked the car in a nearby school. We had lunch in the church and went home when the rain stopped.

Upon reaching home, i put the boys to bed and went to rest myself as i was having a terrible cough since a week ago. Caught it from the boys.

In the evening, we met with Tim's parents, sister and boyfriend at Katong Mall Cafe Manila for dinner. Nice warm place for simple dinner. After dinner, we had a cake from awfully chocolate shared by Tim and his sister for the Mother actually but me and ros being mothers joined in as well :) Jere enjoyed the cake and screamed for more and shook his head vigorously when I offered him water. Naughty boy! He knows what he wants now. Will post the pics later... yet to download.

Everyone was happy! not just the mothers :)

Thank you Lord for blessing our Day :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! - Part 1

May 13th (Sunday) this year 2007 is Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to All Wonderful Mummies Grannies Great Grannies....
Being a mother is a vocation! It is a calling! It's our blessing to be made Mums! Thank you Lord!

Friday May 11th
I was taking a shower and changing when Nat went knocking on my door. Guess he was too excited with the HOO HA the school been teaching them about Mother's day.
I opened the room door and my dear son was standing outside
"XIN NIAN KUAI LE!" well... this is what you get when you got a kentang (potato in malay) for a son. Our dear friend tried to say Happy Mother's Day in Chinese but ended up saying Happy New Year.
This is the first year Nat did this... well... not too bad for a first timer. He's coming to five years old by the way.

Saturday May 12th
We attended the 4pm Novena. There were so many flowers for Mother Mary and my dear husband did not even realise that till i mentioned. That's how blur men can get! We then swung by to my dad's to fetch him to attend the sunset mass at Christ the King as Nat had to perform for his school on Sunday.
Father Stephen was the celebrant for mass that evening. His homily was most touching as we see him near to tears as he spoke of his late granny telling him to be a good priest back when he was still a seminarian.
Then there came a part of mass where Father Stephen said
"ok... i don't know how i should do this... maybe i should ask all the mothers to come forward to the altar to get blessings but then there won't be anyone left in the pews. but... anyway... MOTHERS... come to the altar."
Wow! you should have seen how all the mothers swarmed to the altar.... even the mothers in the upper floor was invited down to the altar!
Father Stephen then took the holy water and sprinkled all the mothers to bless them.
Then Father went...
"Cathechists.... station yourselves at the aisles"
"Children, go get a flower from the cathechist and look for your mummy!"
Now the children were looking for their mummies and the mummies having had their blessings were heading back to the pews.
and so i was heading back to the pew and nat headed to the altar.....
I was back at my bench and saw my dear son Nat in front the altar looking left right.... BLUR....
Tim went..."HEY YOUR SON!"
and so i quickly went back to the altar to grab Nat.
Father went.... "reminds me of how mothers lose their children in shopping malls"
so Nat gave me a carnation. I was carrying Jere in my sling. Jere snatched it and bent it into half. Nat loved the flower so much he took the flower back and Jere took the stalk and I am left satisfied seeing the children happy!

That's my saturday drama. :)

When mass ended we went downstairs to the church hall and i bought a bunch of carnations with a love offering and sent Nat along upstairs to offer it to Mother Mary at the altar. Nat was so happy to give the flowers to Mother Mary.

This just reminds me of a beautiful hymn....

Who wipes my tears away?
Who melts my frown?
Who always saves my day?
The one who wears the crown.

Thank you for granting things
For our answered prayers
And for the hope you bring
To many who are in their dark despair.

Praise her with a flower
Thank heaven for our Mother
For her gift of love
Sent from up above
Brightens every hour.

From the highest tower
Shower her with flowers
Mother and a friend
From my grateful hands
Accept my humble flower.

On paper written lines
Express our needs
You always have the time
For every colour, race and creed.

Our faith has brought us here
From far and near
In one united voice
We thank you for your blessings
Through the years.

Monday, May 14, 2007

May's Spiritual calendar

19th May 2007
3rd Sat Mass with Healing Service
Church of St Michael
Fr Michael Arro
Rosary session 6.45pm
Praise & Worship 7.30pm
Mass with healing session 8.00pm

26th May 2007
Healing Mass
Immaculate Heart of Mary

May's medical calendar - Updated

May 22 - Ultrasound 1150 and Review by urologist 1535 @ KKH

May 24 - Developmental Assessment and long overdue vaccination

May 26 - Physio Session @ KKH

Please pray for the protection of Jeremiah's kidneys and bladder all to be good and growing well. Amen.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


People asked me ....
what is faith?
This is my answer. An answer given to me when i was not even 12. Something I learnt and sang on my foundress day way back in Primary school that i have remembered till now and which i still believe.

Faith is like a child
Simple in its spirit
Generous and kind
Willing to accept what cannot be denied or defined
One thing. Simple childlike faith and nothing more.
That's what Jesus Christ has ever asked us for.
Simple childlike faith and nothing more.

I think that's the faith that Jere has and what i as his mother have too as i journey this life with the little precious.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Love J-E-S-U-S!

i posted earlier how Jere loved this song and i just had to share what happened last night as I was putting him to bed.

The CD was playing in the background as i was putting Jere to bed. I put him on his side hugging his bolster, patting him. His eyes were closed and he was not moving out of the sleeping position that i made him adopt. Usually he would move if he is not really asleep. Then suddenly our dear little friend, with his eyes closed brought his hands together to clap to

I know J-E-S-U-S!
I need J-E-S-U-S!
I love him better every D-A-Y!

i almost burst out laughing! totally hilarious!
my little ANGEL :)


of last year but still it is a MIRACLE
and I must proclaim how great is His name!
People say no news means good news... i say good news i must bring
and i apologise it took me so long to do it. I have to tell of the news that i had so long ago, way before i started this blog. Jere have done 3 MRI scans so far. once on the 2nd day of his life, 06 JULY 2006 another 20 OCTOBER 2006 and another 20 MARCH 2007.

It's strange now as i look back at the medical reports.

The first MRI scan done on the 06 JULY 2006 says " There is absensce of the corpus callosum". i posted this on Jeremiah trackback and though none have asked except someone i just known and spoke to the first time today, i had better procrastinate no further by clarifying that the doctors said the corpus callosum showed in the 2nd MRI scan, 20 OCTOBER 2006 but they said they probably did not see it in the first scan due to the water in the head. BUT looking at the reports, it's not written there. Thinking back now, where did I hear it? Who did I hear it from? Was it God speaking?

There is no more mention of absence of corpus callosum in the subsequent MRI scans reports.

I see this as a miracle! Praise the Lord!

BTW, if you don't know what is corpus callosum, it's the bunch of nerves that communicates the right brain and the left brain. when we first heard the absense of it, we were so so worried as we read on the net that it was not something that would grow back and we thank God that we know there is corpus callosum seen now! IT IS A MIRACLE to us! and thank you Lord!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fever's Gone!

After battling up and down of the temperature for the whole of Friday and Saturday, coping with a cranky little one and administering dhamol(paracet) and nurofen religiously, and of coz with lotsa prayers too! We finally reigned victorious!

On Friday when we realised Jere had the fever in the morning, i smsed Henreeta about it. Henreeta is from the St Michael's healing ministry. She and prayer partner Dennis came immediately that night and prayed for Jere and the whole family.

On Saturday, the fever went down and up again. We brought Jere to his usual novena in the evening when it was not so hot after a good nap in the afternoon.

Today, we brought Jere to mass at Christ the King as usual, Friar Edward carried Jere for a while and Jere was really good with him :) but the Friar was really one gentle guy. Friar asked how is Jere. My reply was "he is err.... err... well!" i then told the husband... i am so so terrible! i should say with more conviction that Jere IS WELL! Increase my faith O Lord to say with more conviction that Jere IS WELL the next time someone asks. Father Stephen also came to bless Jere. Jere is so so blessed! Thank you Lord! After mass, we brought the kids to St Joseph church bt timah for their food and fun fair. Jere was so so excited there! He had some cheese muffin, some ice cream, some chin chow... haha! he was so so happy. What fever??? All gone!

It was a good Sunday! Thank you Lord!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jere's 10 mths!

Time flies! Without even realising, I have kept this blog going for 2 months! Started it when Jere turned 8 months.

Yes! Jeremiah is 10 months today!
and he will be 1 year old in another 2 months! wow! My little BIG BOY! :)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Fever :(

Jere woke at 0645 this morning with a temperature. When the helper measured, it was 37.9 then i quickly administered dhamol aka paracet and asked the helper to sponge him while i changed to go to work. Jere's been having a runny nose for about a week already. We brought him to the homeopath and gave him some meds. It seemed to have gotten better but this morning, it seemed that he's starting a cough. Maybe I should just bring him to the paed. hhmmmm....
I jus pray that the fever is due to his flu and not anything else. When other children have fever, usually it's a flu thingie. However, with Jere, we always have to worry if it is Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Along the way to work, I smsed my dear sister in Christ, Henreeta who with her prayer partner Dennis have been praying for Jere since Dec 2006 when we happened to fall into their line during the healing mass to be prayed over. Immediately she replied that she and Dennis will come see Jere tonight. Thank you Lord for your angels on earth.

Let's just unite in prayer and pray that the fever be banned away and banished to the foot of the cross! AMEN!
For by His stripes, we are HEALED! AMEN!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Jere's toe

Yes, it's kinda healed after being bitten 3 times in succesion by the doggie himself, Jere. Jere's born in the year of the dog! and he bites! but he's one gentle puppy really! He definitely did not mean to hurt himself as he has little sensation according to the docs due to his open neural tube defect that has his nerves affected.

Please pray that his nerves that has been affected by the open neural tube defect would be built and rebuilt and the damaged and affected areas will be restored to normality. Amen
Praise the Lord that the toe is recovering.

How Jere loves J-E-S-U-S!

Jere slept early around 7 plus in the evening...Woke about 8, a little grumpy. Then i took one of those toy phones which makes noise when u press it kind to distract him and for a while he was ok till the brother Nat came and just being a little kid selfish snatched it from him and made him cry. There was no way to comfort him then... cry and cry and cry. No matter how i carried him and comforted him... to no avail. The children's bible songs were playing in the background. The helper, Ros tried to call him and distract him. No way. Then suddenly Jere pushed himself up from me to bring his hands together to clap to a particular bible song that went "I love J-E-S-U-S! I love J-E-S-U-S! I love him better every D-A-Y!" we were so amazed and amused.
Then the father came in. I told him about it and he back track the song again to see for himself and smiled when he saw how Jere jumped at the J-E-S-U-S song. The next song came and it was Joshua and the battle of Jericho which was Nat's fav. I had shoo-ed Nat out earlier as he was jumping too much on the beds and Jere could not sleep. Then Nat came in and started dancing to the Joshua song. The father again was amused .... but this time at the expense of Jere.... Jere started crying again coz his song was gone and all he got was noise from the brother. I got a little mad and told the father put on Jere's music which the father finally did only after he watched and entertained the brother's dancing. Jere smiled and clapped his hands again when his music came on! "I love him better every D-A-Y!......